Leadership in KidMin is Delegation

imgres I recently joined The Club for children’s ministry workers. This is a monthly audio leadership resource that will teach organization, administration and leadership skills from Jim Wideman who has been there and done it with a proven track record of excellence in ministry. The past year was made available and so I decided to start at the beginning and work to the present date. The first section was on DELEGATION.

Delegation is having someone to represent you in an area. I should be delegating to people who I have already started the process of duplication. A goal that I have placed for the 2013-2014 school year is to build depth in our volunteer teams. Jim asked, “If people were no problem where could you use a worker?” This has been something that I have been thinking through and I have an immediate need list and a future need list.

Immediate Volunteer Openings:
Huddle Coach (small group leader): First Service 4th Grade Girls, Second Service 1st Grade Girls, Wednesday 1st Grade Boys
Huddle Assistants: Sunday, First Service Kindergarten, Second Service 4th and 5th Grade Girls, 5th Grade Boys
Concierge for Visitors at Every Service
First Impressions/Check In Wednesday Night
Special Need Assistant Coaches

Future Volunteer Openings:
Service Coordinator
Creative Team
Large Group Teacher
Worship Leader

I have also been working through the fact that some day everyone will be replaced. Some will move to find a new job, some will move up with their kids to the next stage of ministry, some will experience life difficulties and need to step down, and others will pass away. The truth is that everyone will need to be replaced. I need to be finding my one day replacement and I need to help each of my volunteers find the person who will one day grab hold of the reigns and lead. It is sad to think that this will one day come but the truth is that the day is coming and the best thing I can do for the organization is to set it up for future success!

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