Infuse Retreat Takeaways

Wideman Jones

Infuse is a six month mentorship designed to take pastors to the next level in their leadership. This past week I had the opportunity to attend the Infuse Retreat with Jim Wideman. This mentorship has challenged, strengthened, and pushed me to grow in all areas of life. I have found motivation to work harder, become healthier, and lead a truly successful ministry in the eyes of God. I filled a notebook with important takeaways but decided to cut it down to a few of my favorite points. Here are my notes from our first retreat:

Be an Opportunist. I need to take advantage of the situations where God places me to take advantage of the learning opportunities.

Become a problem solver and you will always have a job.

My worth is not found in my work.

If I make a plan for families on their day off, then I need to create a plan for my family on my day off.

My ministry needs a focused alter time. A 30 second alter call can do more for my ministry than a years worth of planned events.

We often hold curriculum equal to the Word and this is wrong.

Parents want better for their kids in all areas but spiritual growth. I must speak into this with my families.

Ask my volunteers, “How can I pray for you this week.”

Hearing God’s voice and answering the question of what you learned can go hand in hand. I need to start each day asking the question, “What am I supposed to learn.”

“They think they are off right now.” – Spenser. While we were eating, we did not take advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow. Ouch.

Teach leadership principles to my volunteers. Grow them in all areas.

Vision Transfer comes from time over time. This is not a pill but a process.

Jesus was never to busy for Peter’s dumb questions.

Pornography is an unreachable show of life; an unachievable goal. A conference can be porn for a kids pastor.

Pressure makes you grow and we are paid based on the pressure we face at work. Brain surgeon vs. nurse.

Like a dog running out of the house needs to be caught is the thought of pride running through my mind. Capture and control my thoughts.

Ministry is like a checkbook, you must make personal deposits or else you will bounce.

5th Sunday: A great opportunity to schedule subs to lead. Give responsibility.

“I don’t know everyone, but each person is known by someone.”

“You burn out when you quit serving.”

If you do small what you would be forced to do big, then you’ll get big.

The devil’s job description: Steal, kill, and destroy.
Jesus’s job description: Give life and give it abundantly.

“Leading is helping people think right.”

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