Orange Tour: It’s Just A Phase So Don’t Miss It

2015-09-11 09.45.52 HDRTonight as I reflect on my day at the Orange Tour I want to share with you the four words that are bouncing around inside my head; Embrace, Engage, Affirm, Mobilize. At the risk of oversimplifying our jobs Reggie Joiner summed up the responsibility of a leader working with different ages by using a single word.

  • For leaders working with preschooler children: Embrace.
  • For leaders working with elementary kids: Engage.
  • For leaders working with middle school students: Affirm.
  • For leaders working with high school students: Mobilize.

At each phase, kids ask different questions.

When we Embrace kids in the preschool phase we must answer the questions: Am I safe? Am I able? Am I okay?

When we Engage kids in the elementary phase we must answer the questions: Do I have your attention? Do I have what it takes? Do I have friends?

When we Affirm in the middle school phase we must answer the questions: Who do I like? Who am I?

And when we Mobilize in the high school phase we must answer the questions: Where do I belong? Why should I believe? How can I matter? What will I do?

As we keep these 4 simple words in the back of our minds it helps us navigate the questions students are asking or keeping to themselves. These 4 simple words can help us create a faith that is mobilizing and dynamic in the lives of our students. Take some time to reflect on what you do and how these words impact your ministry to students. If you want more check out Reggie Joiner’s new book Just A Phase at: or read more of my notes from the Orange Tour at: 

Oh and check out Reggie’s new book: Over Do!

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