What Is A True God Worshiper Like?


My question: What are God-worshipers like?

Your answer: Arrows aimed at God’s bull’s-eye.

Psalm 25:12 The Message Paraphrase

When you think of worship do you picture a religious service with singing? This has always been what I pictured but recently I have been working to change my perspective. Worship is a word that comes from the old English word “worth-ship” meaning to accept and acknowledge the worth of someone. To worship God is to take the time out of your day to acknowledge His worth, to recognize His magnitude, to express your appreciate for what He has done.

Take some time today to worship God. This looks different for everyone:

Maybe for you it means verbally expressing to God why you love Him. Generously give Him verbal gifts of praise.

Maybe for you in means giving to Him what matters greatly to us all: time. Give God the gift of your time and use that time to show His worth.

Or maybe you are always talking and you want to show honor to God through simply taking the time to listen. Find solitude, eliminate distractions, and be still.

I know there are 1000 things pulling for your time and attention and the thought of becoming a worshipper might seem like a big task, but why not take the first step today and aim one of your arrows at God’s bulls-eye? If every day you become 1% better at showing God His “worth-ship” then soon those 1% will add up to something truly special.

Before you close this tab, or click the next notification, how about pulling out an arrow from your quiver and use the next 4 minutes to aim at God’s bull’s eye. Allow this song to guide your thoughts and time:

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