21 Powerful Leadership Quotes From The Orange Conference


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One of the best things you can do for your leaders, is to expose them to your decision making process. @fbealer

There are families who will never step foot into your church until you step into their world. @ReggieJoiner

You have no idea of the ripple effect through the generations!

At the end of your life regret will sting more than failure. @pwilson

Jesus, it’s okay if kids forget my name, as long as they remember Yours.

Following Jesus makes your life better and makes you better at life. @AndyStanley

When we get spiritually tired, we will stop doing what is right and start doing what is easy. @perrynoble

You were created on purpose, for a purpose. @AndyStanley

When you grow up believing there is a purpose in life you make better decisions. @AndyStanley

Empathy: the ability to press pause on your own thoughts and feelings long enough to explore someone else’s thoughts and feelings.

You don’t disciple students from a stage, you disciple them up close. @DougFields

Is someone at the leadership table to champion every age group? @fbealer

Remember courage and fear are both contagious. @pwilson

On Sunday, grace is expected. On Monday, grace is a surprise. @JonAcuff

The church provides the strongest argument for the dignity of individuals and for human rights. @AndyStanley

Whose Monday are you showing up for? Get messy. Empathize. @reggiejoiner

You are teaching a generation that everything belongs to God and we simply get to be managers. @AndyStanley

What if we changed our emphasis from Eternal Life when you die to Kingdom Life while you’re alive? @DougFields

We need to get teenagers to be ministers – a minister sees a need and meets it with love. @DougFields

How you’re loved will always impact how you live. How you live will never change how you’re loved. @KPowellFYI

Sunday mindset: all about pleasing people who show up. Monday mindset: all about reaching the people who don’t show up. @reggiejoiner


Watch “The Orange Conference 2016” on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/164770594

I hope to see you there next year!

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