How To Make Sunday Better Impact Monday Afternoon


Does your Sunday lesson impact Monday afternoon? Is the time you are investing in Sunday morning paying dividends throughout the week? The Orange Conference is where 8000 leaders gather in person to discover how to make what they do on Sunday matter more on Monday. This year’s conference will be brought to 19 cities across the United States and you have the opportunity to get your entire team to the event!

Getting your entire team on the same page is important! When you experience fresh insight and new ideas together it creates a team synergy that is powerful and lasts week after week. You can bring more of your team by registering on opening day, June 9th. Save $50 per person for one day only! #ThinkOrange

I will be at the first tour stop in Atlanta! Which city is closest to you?

ATLANTA, GA – 9.9.16


SEATTLE, WA – 9.16.16

IRVINE, CA – 9.20-9.21.16

DENVER, CO – 9.23.16

LANCASTER, PA – 9.27.16

BOSTON, MA – 9.30.16

RICHMOND, VA – 9.30.16

DETROIT, MI – 10.11.16

MORGANTOWN, WV – 10.11.16


KANSAS CITY, KS – 10.18.16

HATTIESBURG, MS – 10.18.16

MEMPHIS, TN – 10.21.16

AUSTIN, TX – 10.25.16

DALLAS, TX – 10.28.16

DAVENPORT, IA – 11.2.16

CHARLOTTE, NC – 11.4.16

OCALA, FL – 11.11.16

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