Orange Tour Breakout Notes with Sue Miller


Becoming a better leader of volunteers!

When a volunteer comes to you and says that they want more? What do you tell them?

A free piano illustration.
Stopped playing because scared of the basement and wanted mom to be there.

Volunteers don’t quit because of poor curriculum or the kids but because of the environment. Don’t give them an inch to quit over.

Why do volunteers quit?
They quit because the do t play a significant role.
Don’t feel Appreciate
Personal needs are not met.
No praise or recognition given.

Ask: how can we value you? How to appreciate?
Protect their schedules. What is best for them and their families? Competing programs and asking them to do more. Do we need all of these programs? Do they all drive disciple making? What can you take off the table?
80% of people only invest in themselves.

*Don’t wait until someone has died to share their story.

Praise and recognition.

Environment is the key

No sense of team work. No ministry done alone.

Conflict amount team members. Think about the energy when a team is all heading in the same direction to win. Think of the olympics.

15 minutes before service, provide a snack and get together. Say. What’s the best thing that happened to me. Start with you then next person. Then say. Say as much as you want or as little.

People will leave a task but not a family.

They are not involved in decision making. You may think that they don’t care about decision making but they truly do. You may be surprised how many times you hear, “This is my church, I’d be honored to serve in this way.”

Here’s how you know that it’s working, go through their rooms and stand back processing the room. Is there energy? Is there momentum? Do they know one another? Look for their eyes to shine.

Sometimes we ask to little of volunteers.

No chance for advancement.
Don’t see that they are making a difference.
No chance for personal growth. Book, night out, great show or outing. Say I believe in you!
Who are your most influential key core leaders?

Change is not a bad word.

We are going to see God do amazing things in and through your life; buckle up!

Celebrate with your team every year. The words you say matter. The fact that you took the time for them is what matters. Can your lead pastor come and say thank you to the team?

Remember those who laid the foundation when a student gives their life to Christ. Invite the nursery workers into this celebration.


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