28 Leadership Quotes From the #NYWC16


Every year thousands of youth workers for training, networking, encouragement, soul care, resources, and much more at the National Youth Workers Convention! Here are 28 leadership quotes that I believe will speak to your heart.

Mark Matlock @MarkMatlock

“Students will come in droves to learn about 3 topics: Sex, end times, and will there be sex in the end times.”

“If you knew Jesus was coming back next week, what would you do different?”

“One of the problems is that when we think about Heaven our thoughts are too small.”

“How we see Heaven is how we will live on earth.”

“To arise is to live on earth as it is in Heaven.”

“Teenagers are imagining and dreaming from a different space than we are.”

“To arise is to help teenagers see their vocation as kingdom work.”

“Ask yourself: What is God asking us to do? How do we arise? How is God calling you to stand up and step out?”

“How is God calling you to stand up and step out?”

Chase Snyder @ChaseSnyder12 

“If you serve bi-vocationally, you can still have a full impact in your community.”

“There’s no part time in ministry. Everyone has expectations for you and that expectation doesn’t go away just because you have fewer hours.”

“‘Satan never takes a vacation so you shouldn’t.’ This is not who you should be modeling your life after.”

Kara Powell @KPowellFYI

“Youth leaders see a few photos, parents see the whole photo album.”

“As a parent, I need you to help me navigate the whole photo album.”

Albert Tate @alberttate

“Before you can do the work, you have to do the worship.”

“We know how to recover from failure but do we know how to recover from success?”

“The church of Jesus Christ is Plan A there is no Plan B…There are no sections in heaven! We will be one church!”

“If you failed or missed the mark, Jesus is not done with you.”

“Before you can do the work, you have to do the worship.”

“I don’t care what the numbers say in the audience we just need to be faithful with that God has given us.”

“Some of you are waiting for God to give you instruction. But Moses stepped out FIRST, then God gave instruction.”

Jeremy Del Rio @jeremydelrio

“You can’t fish for men and women without going to where the fish are.”

“It’s the job of the evangelist, apostle, and prophet to activate the people in the pews.”

“Our goal, simply stated, is that students and schools should thrive.”

Tony Campolo @TonyCampolo

“I have yet to meet someone who became a Christian by losing an argument.”

“The only way to bring someone back to the faith is to pray them back.”

Greg Stier @gregstier

“Evangelism really forces the risk of a social death.”

“Don’t just throw seeds – we need a greenhouse.”

Which quote spoke to you the most? If you were there and would like to add more, what would help make this list more complete?

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