Book Review & 5 Book Giveaway: The Red Book by Mark Harper


Have you ever read a book in a single sitting? Highlighting page after page, writing notes in the margin, and dog-earing pages you will need to work through later. This was my experience with Mark Harper’s new book, The Red Book, and I would add this book to every children’s ministry worker’s must read list.

With 45 mini-chapters, The Red Book offers fresh insights into volunteer recruitment, helping kids take their next steps in faith, time management, partnering with parents, and core children’s ministry leadership. Each chapter is soaking with God’s Word, reflective questions, and practical advice.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“Many of our kids are great video-game evangelists. When they play a game that they like, they tell a friend.”

“If they (kids) can’t find a positive way to use their leadership, they will find a negative way to use their gift.”

“The kids that attend church weekly are stronger Christians.”

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of any kidmin program. I can survive without money, but I cannot survive without volunteers.”

“If you see a problem, come to your pastor with several solutions. Pastors like multiple-choice tests.”

In my favorite chapter, “How Come Kids Don’t Read the Bible?” Mark writes, “One day I asked for a show of hands, ‘How many of you read the Bible or have your parents read it to you every day?’ Out of 200 kids in my class, 30 hands went up. This was not good news. When I am having an 85 percent-failure rate, I can’t blame the kids; it’s a leadership issue.”

If you want to learn from Mark’s 35 years of ministry experience, pick up a copy of The Red Book! Mark has graciously offered to give away 5 copies through my blog so simply comment below to be entered to win!

The contest has just ended and winners are being notified right now. Congratulations and enjoy the book!


24 thoughts on “Book Review & 5 Book Giveaway: The Red Book by Mark Harper

  1. Matthew Clotfelter says:

    Wow, sounds to the point on several issues. Might be a need to read, not only for KidMin people, but leaders in general. As leaders in this generation, we are leading kids, even when their driver’s license says they are old enough to drink.

  2. Tonya Flynn says:

    Sounds like it would be a great read for me! I am looking for something that will help me grow as a leader in 456. GO ORANGE!

  3. I love the quote, “Many of our kids are great video-game evangelists. When they play a game that they like, they tell a friend.”

    I agree, that is why I have used Minecraft to share the things of God so as they play, they can also convey the things of God to their friends in a comfortable setting.

  4. Shelley Nickels says:

    I am sure I will need to read this book. I am very downhearted right now. Our bus ministry of 42 years with 7 buses picking up kids all over our rural county came to an end this week due to lack of volunteers. I need a refreshing out look since my elementary children’s church has went from 50 on Sunday mornings to 21 this first week with out our bus kids. Please pray for my church. We need new vision. Without vision the people perish.

  5. When I saw the book ad I was excited about it. Smaller chapters make it easier to digest. Looking forward to get a copy to discuss with my kidmin networking team. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to get a free copy.

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