20 Powerful Leadership Quotes From #OC17 Session 1

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“Some of your neighbors feel like you don’t love them because you act like you don’t like them.” @reggiejoiner

“The next generation needs someone who has gone before them to be for them.” @GeraldFadayomi

“If there’s any entity that should lead the way in treating everyone like they’re invited to the party, it should be the church.” @reggiejoiner

“There are no ordinary children.” @djstrickland

“What if the next generation needs to have a voice more than they need to hear our voice?” @GeraldFadayomi

“A party is any effort to celebrate, serve, or enjoy each other in a way that adds value to life.” @reggiejoiner

“That’s what we mean by neighbor; it’s all of us.” @JonAcuff

“You have the place what better than google for parenting, and that place is the word of God.” @loswhit

“I want the legacy of our generation to be that we are party-starters.” @reggiejoiner

“To be for someone, you have to know them. To know them, you have to listen to them.” @GeraldFadayomi

“We don’t have enough leaders who are advocating for people who are hurting.” @reggiejoiner

“We get so focused on what we want to teach them that we miss the opportunity to hear them.” @GeraldFadayomi

“Mile one fulfilled an obligation. Mile two changed the nature of their relationship.” @reggiejoiner

“Parenting is one of the loneliest jobs on the planet. If we are for our neighbors we never let parents parent alone.” @loswhit

“Your heart always follows where you put your treasure in life.” @reggiejoiner

“Get in the habit in your life of doing something you don’t have to do.” @reggiejoiner

“The best way I can love God is by loving people God loves.” @reggiejoiner

“Create beautiful spaces. It tells people you were expecting them.” @reggiejoiner

“Point students that are crying out to be heard, to a God who is always listening.” @GeraldFadayomi

“We’ve got to stop acting like discipleship is about information, and realize discipleship is about relationship.” @reggiejoiner


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  1. Fred Ng'ambi says:

    Yes kidmin is needed why mostly many preachers focus on those who tithe in the church,but we forget the youngones God help us to reach this youngkids.

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