Notes from #OC17 Main Stage 4 and 5: Mike Foster, Ryan Leak, Jeff Henderson, Kara Powell, Bob Goff


Mike Foster

Prodigal parties. Parties for inmates who are getting out of prison.

When you’ve been incarcerated there is a sense that your identity and hope have been attacked.

Surround with friends and family members.

No agenda other than to poor into the individual and let them know that we love them.

Feeling disqualified.

All of us have been in those moments when we are like, ‘Is there a place for me.’

We are really great at believing in God but we struggle to believe in ourselves or each other.

Wake up every morning and look for an opportunity to practice tiny greatness.

Neighbors make me a better Christian.

We are interacting with our neighbors because it’s God design to change us. Reggie

Mike has a passion for leaders, that they will thrive and survive. Have a dynamic faith and push through the obstacles. Surrounded by a community of grace people.

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Make room for someone new – Ryan Leak

When we are for our neighbors we make room for someone new. Matthew 28:19-20

How are we going to build bridges with people who are different than us?
We have to be intentional with the places we go.

Only 8% of the miracles Jesus performed were performed inside the synagog.

Mark 6:55-56 Don’t notice what Jesus did, notice where he was

Everyone should be quick to listen James 1:19

The brand of Christianity.

Can you imagine if we equipped our people to just listen.

The gym, one of the most diverse places in the world.

Be intentional in how we are kind

Romans 2:1-4 ESV God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance.

Easiest time to make a difference. You don’t have to be a lot a bit nice, just a little bit.

Not random acts of kindness, intentional acts of kindness.

I’ve decided that I’m going to be intentionally kind when I go to the gym.

Pass out Gatorade’s.

One way or another, here’s what I know about every person I play basketball with, they’re going to get thirsty.

You’ll be surprised what happens in your world, your peoples’ world when they decide to be intentionally kind.

I noticed he was playing with a wedding ring. Why do I need to go to church when you’re already here?

Ask every person who serves you one question, “Do you have anything I can pray for?”

God’s got a plan for your life, let me pray for you.

There is someone in your neighborhood who has the weight of the world on their shoulders and all they need to know is they have God on their side.

God is so real.

God draws people to himself.

I’m just playing my part, asking people who are paid to serve me, by asking them a question.

“Want to make room for someone new at the table? Be intentional!”

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Love where we live – Jeff Henderson

Holy Sprit is not just in the adult service. Holy Spirit is in the preschool. In our experience, after an hour the Holy Spirit leaves the preschool.

One of the pain points for stress points is when parents come home for the first time from the hospital.

Wagon. Incredible ministry.

Courtney and Brandon trip.

Wagon-iers – we are for our neighbors

This is a photo opportunity for families.

When you bring a first time guest to church, you see church completely differently.

You will stop complaining about the wrong things and will start caring about the right things.

5 words in the good samaritan story.

He came where the man was. Luke 10:33

How dow e create a neighbor minded church?

If our church went out of business, would the community even notice?

We can’t expect them to come to us if they don’t know we are for them.

For God so loved.

Practical ideas

Social Media: The apostle Paul would be on Instagram.

Most social media posts from churches are 99.99% about the church. We need to highlight people in our community.

Crispy Cream: Green dye in donuts. Snaps a picture of worker and encourages. Made the good employee a hero.

Do an inventory of your church social media and see what they are for.

A neighbor minded church allows people to belong before they believe.

“Hey, I’m Chris and I’m an agnostic.”

Start staff meetings: Go to Instagram and search hashtag #ForGwinett like and engage. Celebrate what you want repeated. He used the hashtag #ChrisTheAgnostic Staff blew it up.

It’s so wonderful to belong to such a fun nice place.” That’s a win

The longer you hang out with Jesus and Jesus’ people the closer you come to belief.

A neighbor minded church creates common ground instead of dividing lines.

Create common ground and conversations.

Simple and not a lot of money.

“Pay it backwards.”

For Gwinnett car magnets. Not churchweb pagee.

Order, pull up a little and listen, if it’s catering then pray. If it’s number one then game on.

Something powerful happens when they know you are for them.

He believed that he belonged.

There’s a church that is for them. They are so passionate about Jesus that they are not going to wait for them to come to church on Sunday, they are going to go to them.


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Kara Powell

We are part of the family of God.

The pictures of our church families are changing.

Becoming more ethnically diverse as a church family.

Starting to look more like our neighborhood.

Getting to know our neighbors can be hard, awkward, and takes times. Sometimes its difficult.

Why try to know our neighbors?

Because of Jesus.

The example of Jesus Christ.

Heaven and then came to earth.

The word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood

Jesus gives us eternal life in heaven and real life on earth.

The Gospel champions cost not comfort.

The gas pedal that is fueling the churches spiritual journey.

What would be the difference be in pictures of your church family and pictures of your neighborhood.

Ethnicity, Economic, gender, generational.


How does your church line up with your neighborhood?

Survey: Has your church done enough to become racially diverse. 67% said yes.

Without intentionally we default to similarity.

How do our upfront leaders reflect our neighborhood?

We have feminized children’s ministry and masculinized student ministry. Let’s work on that.

How do we help our neighbors feel like insiders not outsiders?

Part of the church family, even if not close to God.

When off campus it helps.

How do we become the best church for the neighborhood?

Young people were twice as likely to highlight diversity compared to other adults in the church.

This is what God wants to do in and through your church. Students can be the tip of that arrow.

Champion cost not comfort.

Jesus make it so!


Bob Goff

There’s a big different in being shot at and loved on.

What we are supposed to do is to love on.

Jesus leads people to Jesus. What we do is love everybody always.

I’m not trying to be right any more, I’m trying to be Jesus.

Living a life of constantly being misunderstood.

You’re going to see more.
We don’t know what we will see but we know we will see more. We will see more hope in people the more we look for it.

Galatians 5:5 The only thing that matters is your faith expressed in love.

We try to make ourselves the hero of victim of every story.

I’m just a participant in this. I just want to see more Jesus in people.

If were not going to welcome people when they come to our gatherings of faith, we shouldn’t invite them.

There’s nothing that says you are welcome like the statue of liberty.

Make your faith easy, and people will see more of Jesus.

Left pockets gone. Your faith and mine are the sum of everything you are hanging onto and everything you are willing to let go of. Whatever it takes. You’re going to see more of Christ and those around you will too.

On your very worst day, Jesus calls you beloved. If you aren’t hearing that word beloved, it’s not Jesus talking. You stink at loving yourself.

Matthew 13: Mustard Seed. Parable of what the seed turns into.

Small things will become beautiful big things in your life, and here’s the point, to give people rest. He doesn’t do it to show us His power, He shows His presence.

My beloved is mine and I am His. Song of Solomon 2:16

Don’t be right, be Jesus.

At 10:35 they knew they could fly.

What do you think they were thinking at 10:34 Fail trying, don’t fail watching. Good Samaritan

If following Jesus doesn’t lead me and you to lonely, hurting, and isolated people then it’s not Jesus you are following. You are just trying to look good.

Street names: This way, that way, anyway, church is on His Way and airport is on runWay. Don’t get stuck there. Matthew 25. Hungry people, people in jail. I don’t write, Jesus loves you. If you’ve had a double double you know Jesus loves you. Love everybody always.

My beloved, I am yours and you are mine. Jesus isn’t wowed by $20 words. He doesn’t want your help, he wants your hearts.

Sea Otters, hold hands because they don’t want each other to drift away.

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