20 Leadership Quotes From #NYWC18

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For five decades youth workers from around the world have gathered for the National Youth Workers Convention. This year felt like we were bringing back the original heart of Youth Specialties. The YS family has gathered for a sold-out experience and the future is bright! We are only one day in and I needed to stop and share some of the drops of wisdom I’ll be digesting for weeks to come. 

“Criticism doesn’t require any intelligence.“ @DougFields 

“We have a hope of bringing the National Youth Workers back to the place where you just need to be there!“ @DougFields 

“Stop complaining about the pieces the master gave you and start acting like a masterpiece.” @robertmadu

“You can’t run your race if you’re focused on the runners in the other lanes.” @robertmadu 

“Many people cannot run the race God set before them because they have their eyes set on the people in the lanes beside them.” @robertmadu

“Comparison will consistently cloud the clarity of God’s call on your life.” @robertmadu

“A career is what you get paid to do. A calling is what you were MADE to do.” @robertmadu

“All you have to do is stay in your lane and keep your eyes on Jesus.” @robertmadu 

“When we keep looking to our side in the race of life, there is a crash in our near future.” @robertmadu 

“If the brightness of the blessing blinds you to the blesser, then the blessing has become a curse.” @robertmadu

“Comparison always starts with this phrase…’but me.’” @robertmadu

“I wonder if our phone screen becomes the mirror that we constantly check for a reflection to see if we measure up to somebody else.” @robertmadu 

“Rest in the fact that I (Jesus) have given you a grace to run your race.” @robertmadu

“This is a broken and fallen generation and you are standing In the gap.” Dr. Larry Acosta

“If you handle your nightmare correctly today, they can become a world changer tomorrow.” @Jrodriguez3Jr 

“Would you be persistent to those who are not being pursued?” @seanafenner

“You don’t have to relate to reach. Love is the great equalizer.” @GabrielRZamora

“Don’t be the superstar in your youth ministry. Give it away.” @GabrielRZamora

“Can you celebrate what God is doing even when it doesn’t involve you?” @josaxton

“What’s your spiritual rhythm as a team?
What’s your prayer life as a team?
What’s your fasting life as a team?” @josaxton

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