KidzMatter Breakout on Social Media Strategy 

Social media changes and adapts everyday. On your own, you can’t keep up. Imagine having confidence in your social media strategy as you serve families digitally! Let’s talk about what’s working in kidmin social media. 

Social Media has it’s traps. 

REAL life example. 

Permission to post. (Facebook Closed Groups)

Never finished. Fear of man. Living for approval. 

My goal is not for you to become a social media influencer. I want you to partner with parents and disciple kids. 

Imagine having confidence in your social media strategy as you serve families digitally! 

Cue, Habit/routine, Reward. 

Cue: New Series

Share bible reading plans. Share memory verses for families.

Example: @kidsat12stone – Memory Verse Video 

Cue: You are asked a question. 

Is this a question 99 other people are holding in? 

Example: @bibleappforkids – Not sure how to teach your kids about the Holy Spirit? Visit the link in our bio to discover Bible App for Kids stories that can help!


Cue: “I’m excited about…” “I can’t believe….” “Please pray about. ”

Use social media to enhance relationships. 

Be social on social. So many people use social media as a blog or mini journal. 

Don’t make it all about you.

Example: @lcparents – “How Can We Be Praying for Your Family?”

Cue: Your family loves something. 

Movie, book, game, outing, church take home activity…

Example: @northpointupstreet Sticker for water bottle.

Note: Kids, not just announcements. Telephone vs Megaphone. 

Cue: This is fun.

Share the personal, fun side of ministry and life. 

Example: @tbcokids – Joy Joy Joy

Note: emoji icons. Teaching point. Simple. 

Cue: We have a need.

Vision. Imagine a restaurant posting, “We need more customers.”

Example: @Saddleback_kids – You could change a kid’s life just by by being there! Become a Saddleback Kids Leader! 

Example2: @Highlandskids – There’s no team like the Dream Team! Shout out to the amazing Highlands Kids #DreamTeam! 

Cue: Seasons and Holidays 

Link in bio for recipes, decor, and activities!

Example: @elevationekidz – Fall Family Activities

Cue: Sunday

“What did you learn?” “Did you have fun”

Make this easy for parents. 

Example: @redrockskids – weekly resource

Cue, Routine, Reward. 

@SandalsKids YouTube – Church Services

If you quit for 30 days, would anyone notice? Would anyone actually care? Would your content be missing? If yes, resume with purpose. If no, find a new way to serve families. 

Don’t make social media a quest for self importance. Your job is kids pastor. Which task would define this better. 5 hours a week recording and posting content or 5 hours WITH you kids. 

Social media changes and adapts everyday. 

On your own, you can’t keep up.

So, do what you do best in all areas of ministry, build a team.

Equip the saints for acts of service. 

Huge. YouTube – Statista 2022, over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube once a month.

Podcast: Social Media Marketing Podcast by Michael Stelzner

Book: From Social Media to Social Ministry: A Guide to Digital Discipleship by Nona Jones

Book: MetaChurch: How to Use Digital Ministry to Reach People and Make Disciples Dave Adamson

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