4 Simple Challenges Direct From Philippians 2

Have you ever opened up the Bible, began reading and felt completely lost? The Bible is full of historical events, unusual commands, and lists of names that can intimidate the reader. While some books in the Bible might confuse the reader, Philippians has only four chapters and is full of encouraging wisdom. Here are 4 simple challenges direct from Philippians 2 that Paul challenges the church to become.

1. Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others (vs 3).  If applied, these eight words could change every school, home, and workplace in America. How many times do we get ourselves in trouble by putting our wants before the needs of others? How often do we find ourselves caught up in lies because we are trying to impress others? With these words, Paul challenges the church to have the same attitude of Christ.

2. Be humble, thinking…

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