Summer Book Club for Southern Hills Kids

Case for Christ for KidsI believe it is both the church’s and parent’s job to build a solid foundation for our children so they can have the confidence to stand up for Jesus. When they take ownership and identify who they are in Christ there will be able to stand strong! I believe that creating a family devotion time is going to help kids go a step further in their thinking and help make Christianity not just talked about or done on Sundays at church but a true way to live all the time. This summer let’s join together in developing a habit that will influence you child’s relationship with God. While a 90 day commitment might seem threatening, these daily 3 minutes together will impact them forever. 

Each of the 90 daily devotions are one page front and back. They are in a quick and easy to read format that will get the attention of everyone in your family and will help spark some really awesome God-conversations. 

Summer Book Club – Case for Christ for Kids 

90-Day Devotional for Families
3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Families
May 25th – August 17th
Cost: FREE for SoHills Families…and we will buy the book!
More info and to sign up:

Kidmin Small Group Events

ImageTake a minute to look at your calendar for April and May. You will see that it is FULL! During this time of the year, it is nearly impossible to plan an event to bring the church together and so we plan small group events to bring each kids group into a stronger community. We want the kids who regularly meet together at church to get together outside of the classroom to have fun and experience community on a different level. Our elementary ministry is called the All Stars and so with this sports theme the leaders are called coaches and the small groups are called huddle groups. The coaches are given a $40 budget and are asked to fill out a planning sheet at least 3 weeks prior to the event. These Huddle Events are planned by the coaches and have a wide range of possibilities. This year we had a group host a circus party, frozen movie party, easter egg dying and hunt party, nerf war, fishing and football at a farm, messy games afternoon, roller skating, and overnight camping. 



Blast Off! The Outer Limits

Blast OffWe are in the 6th week of the KidSpring Series Blast Off and I must say that our kids have been loving every lesson!  Throughout this series we are learning different promises of God and how they were true in the Bible, are true today, and will be true in the future!  The kids have enjoyed the crazy skits, and creative Bible teaching, and the coaches have had a lot of great conversations with the kids about the Promises of God.
Here is the scope of what we have and will learn:
God is a promise keeper! Abraham
God Promises to watch over me! Jacob
God Promises to help me in times of trouble! Daniel
God Promises to teach me His ways! Jonah
God Promises to love me forever! Jesus and Peter
God Promises that He is in control! Out of Egypt
God Promises to hear my prayers! A Wise King
God Promises to reward me! Joseph and Brothers

The memory verse we have been focusing on is Psalm 145:13 (NLT). “For your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. You rule throughout all generations. The Lord always keeps His promises; He is gracious in all He does.”
IMG_2314Every Sunday at Southern Hills Christian Church in Carrollton GA looks a little different with a splash of creativity here and there. I am always excited to play a part in the kids ministry and to impact this generation for Jesus!