New Tech To Protect Your Kids Online


A study published in 1989 found that the average age of first exposure to pornography was estimated to be 11.* Now, 26 years later, as kids carry around multiple devices with full internet capability most research points to first exposure around age 8.* How are we doing at keeping them safe? Or let me make this a little more personal. How are YOU doing at keeping YOUR kids safe?

I want to introduce you to a new product that I think you will absolutely love. It’s called Circle, and it’s a new way for you to manage content and time for all of their families devices. I believe that through conversations and tools like Circle, we can raise a generation without sexual addiction.

Circle with Disney, is designed to help parents keep their kids safe online. It works with all internet devices (including gaming systems) and can easily do the following:

Filter Content

Block Adds and Inappropriate Content

Set Time Limits

Set Bedtimes for Devices

Pause the Internet

View Insights

Protect Devices

We recently purchased and set up a Circle device to manage the content in our Preteen Ministry and I fully believe this is a tool that every family should invest in. Not only can you keep your kids safe, but I believe you will love being able to block specific sites like Amazon where your kids may accidentally make purchases and you will absolutely love being able to pause the internet for dinner time.

Check it out!

1. J Bryant, D. Brown, “Use of pornography,” Pornography: research advances and policy considerations, Hillsdale (NJ): Erdbaum; 1989, p. 25-55.



4. Check it out!