A Simple Recruitment Tip That Actually Works


Chances are you struggle to find enough leaders to serve in your church. This seems to be one of the biggest struggles organizations face and today I want to share with you a simple tip for successful enlistment. Feed your volunteers. Now before I lose you, let me clarify with some practical steps.

First, make a list of people who you would love to have on your team. Look for dads who are leading their families spiritually. Find moms who have the heart of a teacher. Find grandparents who would be willing to love kids. Write these names down and begin praying for God to work in their hearts. Remember that while Paul planted the seed and Apollos water it, it was God who caused the growth. 1 Corinthians 3:6.

Next, ask those on your list if they would be willing to bring a snack or food to treat your current volunteers. Use this opportunity to share what God is doing in the ministry and how valuable this ministry team is to the kingdom. Explain how everyone on the team is working together and using their gifts to accomplish great things for God. Ask them if they will join in by treating the team to a special snack.

As they bring food, take the time to show appreciation and ask your team to express gratitude. Remind them how important the volunteers are to the success of the ministry and thank them for being a part of the big picture.

Finally, as you are returning their tray or dish, invite them to play a bigger role. Let them know the gifting you see in them and how they can use that gift for God’s kingdom.

I know this tip may seem small, but when recruitment becomes a part of everyday life you will begin to build depth in your teams!