21 Powerful Leadership Quotes From The Orange Conference


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One of the best things you can do for your leaders, is to expose them to your decision making process. @fbealer

There are families who will never step foot into your church until you step into their world. @ReggieJoiner

You have no idea of the ripple effect through the generations!

At the end of your life regret will sting more than failure. @pwilson

Jesus, it’s okay if kids forget my name, as long as they remember Yours.

Following Jesus makes your life better and makes you better at life. @AndyStanley

When we get spiritually tired, we will stop doing what is right and start doing what is easy. @perrynoble

You were created on purpose, for a purpose. @AndyStanley

When you grow up believing there is a purpose in life you make better decisions. @AndyStanley

Empathy: the ability to press pause on your own thoughts and feelings long enough to explore someone else’s thoughts and feelings.

You don’t disciple students from a stage, you disciple them up close. @DougFields

Is someone at the leadership table to champion every age group? @fbealer

Remember courage and fear are both contagious. @pwilson

On Sunday, grace is expected. On Monday, grace is a surprise. @JonAcuff

The church provides the strongest argument for the dignity of individuals and for human rights. @AndyStanley

Whose Monday are you showing up for? Get messy. Empathize. @reggiejoiner

You are teaching a generation that everything belongs to God and we simply get to be managers. @AndyStanley

What if we changed our emphasis from Eternal Life when you die to Kingdom Life while you’re alive? @DougFields

We need to get teenagers to be ministers – a minister sees a need and meets it with love. @DougFields

How you’re loved will always impact how you live. How you live will never change how you’re loved. @KPowellFYI

Sunday mindset: all about pleasing people who show up. Monday mindset: all about reaching the people who don’t show up. @reggiejoiner


Watch “The Orange Conference 2016” on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/164770594

I hope to see you there next year!

A Moment Of Influence

At the 2014 Orange Conference I had the privilege to talk with many influential people in the Children’s Ministry community: Jim Wideman, Frank Bealer, Tom Bump, Jeremy Hooper, Jessica Bealer, Josh Galletta, Dan Scott, Dan Kubish, Matt Norman, Aaron Bauer, Misty Coffman, Doug Fields, Anthony Prince, Yancy, Jon Acuff, Carey Nieuwhof, Kenny Conley, Mike Clear, and Jonathan Cliff. The pressures and burdens on their ministries would crush most individuals. The schedules that these leaders keep require a lot of organization. They are the people who most would consider BUSY, but yet as I talked with them it is easy to see that they truly care. Most stopped what they were doing, looked into my eyes, and answered the questions that I presented. In Infuse, Brother Jim has been leading me to learn that loving people is the most important thing that I can do. These leaders modeled to me this concept and through their actions preached “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” (Luke 16:10).

I am truly grateful for these experiences and leave you with a question that Andy Stanley posed in his sermon: 

“What does love require from me?”