5 Reasons Why Preteens Answer The Question of the Day


Questions propel leaders forward. One of the best questions you can ask is simply the question, “Why?” Why did you make that decision? Why did your organization make that change? Why do you do what you do? Recently, I was asked the question, “Why do the preteens answer the question of the day?” I want to give you five reasons and a quick bonus idea about asking your preteens the question of the day.

1. Ensure students check in.
The answer to these questions is written directly on the students name tag. In order for a student to share their answer, they need to first check in. If you ever feel like the bad guy by continually asking students to check in then the question of the day can reframe your situation. Instead of asking if they checked in, ask how they answered today’s question.

2. Foster self-expression.
Preteens are developing their own personalities and are beginning to think for themselves. Asking the question of the day will help students express themselves in a safe and friendly environment. Questions are phrased in such a way where there is no right or wrong answer but simply determining what the students favorite option is in a specific situation.

3. Deepen understanding and preferences.
Do you know if the students in your ministry prefer pepperoni or cheese pizza? If the preteens had an hour to kill, do you know what they would do for fun? What TV shows are they watching and what books do they read? Asking your students these questions can help you gain a deeper understanding of their culture.

4. Easily divide students or set up teams for a game.
If you want to divide your room in half ask a question that will do this for you. Ask if students prefer the toilet paper up and over or down and under then use that answer to divide the room. If you need four teams ask which subject is their favorite in school: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, or Science.

5. Encourage friendships and connections.
Students love to connect. Two students build a connection when they write the same answer to the question, “If you could only eat ONE food forever, what would it be?” Friendships are developed when preteens get to know each other and talking about the answer to these questions can help.

As you can see the question of the day can be an easy system that you can begin using in your ministry to help both your students and their leaders. These questions can tie into the lesson, worship time, a game you are playing, or even the current season. For a quick bonus idea, you can even ask your students what they would like to ask and then use their questions in the future.

Do you have a question of the day in your ministry? What questions would you like to ask your students? Are there other benefits that you would like to add to this list? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!